01. I [peeled] the potatoes and carrots, and then put them on to boil.
02. My sister was able to [peel] an apple in one long continuous strip.
03. You can put a bit of zest from a lemon [peel] in the cookies to give them a special tangy taste.
04. The [peelings] from potatoes have lots of vitamins in them.
05. The [peel] on my orange was so thick that there was hardly any actual fruit inside.
06. Harriet got a bad sunburn on her back, and now it's starting to [peel].
07. It took them quite a while to [peel] the old wallpaper off the walls of their bedroom.
08. The paint is starting to [peel] off the outside of the house.
09. Our vegetable [peeler] is getting a little dull, so it takes a long time to do the carrots.
10. You don't need to [peel] those new potatoes; just scrub them, and throw them in the pot.
11. This special tape allows you to simply [peel] off unwanted hairs on your legs or under your arms.
12. Cooking experts tell us that a wet onion is easier to [peel] than a dry one.
13. An old French proverb tells us that life is an onion, and one cries while [peeling] it.
14. Native people in this area traditionally [peeled] bark off cedar trees to make baskets, clothes and many other items.
15. All those [peelings] from the bananas, carrots, oranges, and potatoes can go into the compost.
16. I couldn't believe it the first time I saw a Japanese girl actually [peeling] her grapes.
17. Secret agent James Bond's favorite drink was a medium Vodka dry Martini - with a slice of lemon [peel]. Shaken and not stirred.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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